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"We’ll have a movie night where we sit on the couch and wrap blankets around ourselves and watch movies, or we’ll go out to dinner, or we’ll cook. I’ll make a bunch of food, and because I live in the same building as Tyler H. and Tyler P. and Dylan, I’ll take it over and we’ll all have dinner together. It’s so much fun!" - Crystal Reed (Seventeen, 2011)

"According to Dylan their first meeting was awesome right away. They bonded over Baseball, namely…. the Mets. They [Dylan and Hoech] gotten along the most with Posey and Crystal. Crystal, Dylan, Tyler P and Tyler H exchanged numbers on the casting and the director took a picture of them and thought, “That’s the cast of TW”” (x)



Get to work fandom!!! ;) 

Liam Dunbar stills from 4.06 “orphaned”


Allison Argent Appreciation WeekDay 3
↳ Favourite relationship/friendship

Allisaac (Allison Argent & Isaac Lahey)

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The Maze Runner hits theatres in 2 months! (19/09/14)
my friends: how does it feel to dedicate your life to a fictional character who isn't real
me: pretty fucking great actually thanks

sam’s white shirt appreciation post (◕‿◕✿)